29 Years Old W/ $22,000 In Monthly Passive Income | Calvin Chin



Calvin is a seasoned real estate investor in California with over 100 doors in his portfolio at 29 years old. He left his W2 job in tech sales to focus full time on his business and investing. His main focuses now are growing his portfolio, his freedom, and his coaching community @zencoastuniversity to help impact others as much as possible. 

Top 5 Action Items:
- Read the Book "The Second Mountain"
- Read the Book "Vivid Vision"
- Do an audit of your "Top 5 Friends" to determine if you're aligned
-Join communities to hold you Accountable to goals
-Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable

Instagram: @Calvinchin9 / @zencoastuniversity
FB: Calvin Chin / Zen Coast University

United States
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